The NHL trade deadline is now behind us.  In the past, it was a day many NHL general managers spent on the phone trying to bring in players. They compete to get players who will provide a greater power to the team in efforts to win the Stanley Cup.  Sometimes the moves prove to be good, sometimes they don’t.  Here is a recap of what happened at the deadline this year:

Atlanta traded Niclas Bergfors and Patrick Rissmiller to Florida for Radek Dvorak. This was one of many moves for Florida this time around.  Not much going to either side, more of a minor trade.  Just a way to kick off the day without throwing any big names around.

Florida traded Dennis Wideman to Washington for Jake Hauswirth and a third round pick. This was a huge deal for Washington.  They were in need of a veteran defenseman to complement their young, powerful defense.  Wideman has not had his best year, maintaining a +/- of -26, but 2 years ago he finished with a +32 for Boston.  This team could bring back those big numbers for him.

Columbus traded Rostislav Klesla to Phoenix for Scottie Upshall and Sami Lepisto. This was the first major deal that happened on trade day.  For Columbus, it adds a depth forward in Scottie Upshall and an offensive defenseman in Sami Lepisto.  For Columbus, Rostislav is a big defensive defenseman that can clear the zone and help protect the back end, something they desperately needed.  I think Phoenix may have given up too much in this deal, but we’ll see what happens.

Hurricanes traded Sergei Samsonov for Florida’s Bryan Allen. This is another trade inside the Southeast division.  Samsonov goes to Florida in hopes of sparking more offense.  He has been hot and cold throughout the season, but new scenery can change how a player plays, as we’ve seen in the past.  Bryan Allen is a big defenseman that can move the puck, something Florida had plenty of.  This could bring some offense to the table for Florida, and possibly allow them to sneak into the playoffs in a bottom spot.

Ottawa traded Chris Campoli to Chicago for Ryan Potulny and a conditional second round pick. This was a move that Chicago almost had to do. They lost Nick Boynton to waivers, and just recently lost Jordan Hendry to injury; they needed a defenseman.  They were unable to get a big name player, but a line 2 or 3 defenseman that is a hybrid between a defensive and offensive defenseman.

St. Louis traded Brade Winchester to Anaheim for a 2012 third round pick. This was a minor deal that brought toughness to Anaheim in exchange for a future draft pick.  I like to consider this third round draft pick “future considerations,” but it isn’t quite that meaningless.

Edmonton traded Dustin Penner to LA for Colten Teubert, first round pick, and conditional second round pick. Gaining Penner was beneficial to LA for his skill as a power forward.  They did give up a lot to get him, but as it turned out, they were willing to pay the price.  This also gives Edmonton the chance to start over and build a young core.  This season has been one to put in the past and to start fresh for next year.  What better way to do that than get extra draft picks?

Vancouver acquired Maxim Lapierre and Chris Higgins for Third round picks (2 deals). For Vancouver, Lapierre and Higgins both add depth to an already powerful lineup.  This team has just furthered their ability to win the cup this season.  They could be a scary team to face in late May and into June.  Lapierre was acquired from Anaheim for Joel Perrault and a third round pick next season.  Higgins was acquired from Florida for Evan Oberg and the 2012 third round pick.

Washington traded Dave Steckel and Second Round pick for Jason Arnott from New Jersey. This was one of 3 last minute moves.  There was speculation that Washington was looking to get a solid, veteran center, which is the reason for this move.  I like the move, Steckel was a great player, but sometimes couldn’t win the critical faceoffs.  With Arnott, it adds more depth to a team and as far as I’m concerned completes the puzzle to make the Capitals a true Stanley Cup contender.

Toronto traded John Mitchell to the New York Rangers. The Rangers were a team looking to deal.  There were pretty strong rumors that they were going to trade for Brad Richards from Dallas, however, this did not happen.  This deal was also last minute and Mitchell may just be a filler player, as he has bounced between the NHL and AHL this season.  Richards becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, so perhaps the will Rangers pursue him on July 1st.  Toronto got a 7th round draft pick in exchange.

Atlanta traded Fedrik Modin to Calgary for a 7th round pick. This move that will not make a big impact.  Modin may serve as a depth forward, but will likely be a 3rd or 4th line player.  If he performs well for Calgary, great, I just don’t see it happening.

That wraps up all the NHL related trades for this year’s deadline.  Here are a some minor league deals that occurred:

Montreal traded defenseman Brett Festerling for Atlanta Thrashers goalie Drew McIntyre.

The Columbus Blue Jackets acquired forwards Greg Moore and Michael Chaput from the Philadelphia Flyers, for forward Tom Sestito.

The Oilers traded defenseman Shawn Belle to the Montreal Canadians for Kevin Montgomery.

This deal from a day earlier, the Ducks added enforcer Brian McGrattan and defenseman Sean Zimmerman from the Boston Bruins, for forwards David Laliberte and Stefan Chaput.

Winners: I think the big winners this year were Washington and LA.  Washington added the veteran defense that was needed, and a high flying center.  LA added a power forward to their already powerful lineup. With these moves, both teams have the potential to win a Stanley Cup!  It will be an interesting remainder of the season and postseason!

Surprises: There weren’t too many surprises here, but I think the biggest one was Brad Richards not being traded to the Rangers.  I am also mildly surprised that the Montreal Canadians didn’t make any big deals. Rumors were heard that Andrei Kostityn was going to be traded to Nashville to play with his brother, Sergei, but this was not acted on.

Well that’s it for the trade deadline this year. Be sure to check back next year for a recap of those trades after the deadline!