Mo’ne Davis to Maintain NCAA Eligibility

Her Little League World Series star power earned her a spot in the Hall Of Fame. She threw the first pitch for the World Series game four…and got a strike, and now she’ll maintain her NCAA eligibility when she goes to college. Who could this be? Ladies and gentleman, Mo’ne Davis..

Along with the start of the World Series, on Oct. 21 Chevrolet began airing its newest ad “Throw Like A Girl” staring Davis. The 60-second spot was directed by Spike Lee and depicted her career thus far. She talks about her family, how fast she throws the ball, her passion for sports, etc. In the end it says, “Chevrolet celebrates Mo’ne Davis … and those who remind us that anything is possible.”

However, this is technically against NCAA rules. This was a paid gig and you cannot be paid for the sport you wish to play, so many thought Davis would lose her eligibility. Mark Emmert, president of the NCAA, says otherwise.

Fox Sports stated that according to Emmert, she could collect endorsement money without losing eligibility because she isn’t likely to play baseball in college. Davis herself has made it clear that basketball is her sport and, one day she wishes to play for the UConn Huskies. The NCAA seems to be reasonably calm about the whole situation. Her age and the fact that she probably won’t even take the baseball road could have been the deciding factor that kept her eligible.