Dear Mike Trout: Please Come Home

Dear Mike Trout,

Let’s face it, you’re a Broad Street Bully at heart. LA is beautiful. Beautiful weather, beautiful people, and sidewalks paved with stars. But let’s be honest… home is where the heart is. All Los Angeles sees you as is “box office.” We see you as a hometown hero. Yes you were born an hour away in New Jersey, but Philadelphia is what you really loved. You never rooted for the Yankees, Mets, or Jets.

You know there’s “no crying in baseball,” but imagine thousands crying because you helped bring home the Commissioner’s Trophy. Philly fans are tough and critical and the weather can be brutal, but it’s supposed to be hard. “If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.” You’re the best in the show and it’s not close. In Citizens Bank Park you could hit 60 homeruns, have 140 RBI, and bat over .300.

You won’t win in LA. J.T Realmuto, Aaron Nola, Rhys Hoskins, Jake Arrieta, Odubel Herrera, Andrew McCutchen, and now Bryce Harper. The Phillies are back. We’re no longer looking at the NL East, but now World Series contention. Be the centerpiece.

Whether you resign to the Angels or come home, you’re cemented in MLB history. You’re a two time AL MVP, four time MVP runner up, and the undisputed greatest outfielder of our era. You’re a Broad Street Bully. You bleed green. So what do you say? You coming home or what?