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Marty Coyne Selected for Induction into USTA

BLOOMSBURG- Bloomsburg University’s very own men and women’s tennis coach, Marty Coyne, has been selected for induction into the United States Tennis Association for Middle States. The induction ceremony will take place on Oct. 25, 2013, in Lancaster, Pa. Coach Coyne was generous enough to step away from the crowded courts to discuss the upcoming induction. With doing so, I was able to learn a little bit about Coyne as a player, coach and person.

Growing up, Coyne was a tennis player and was given the opportunity to travel the world playing the sport he loved. After high school, Coyne played for the All Army team in Europe for a few years. Coyne then went on to attend Bloomsburg University, and became an All-American player in the early 80’s. He was ranked number one for three consecutive years as a middle states player in singles and doubles. Coyne is already a member of the Huskies Athletic Hall of Fame.

After wrapping up his successful college career, Coyne then proceeded to coach privately for ten years. It wasn’t until the end of his private coaching era when Coyne returned to the Huskies as the men’s tennis coach in 1993, and then went on to become the women’s head coach the following year. Coyne has been with the Huskies for 20 years now, and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change. Although the Huskies are coming off a down season, that didn’t stop the USTA Middle States from recognizing Coyne for his hard work and dedication.

Coyne stated that he found “irony in being selected this year”, rather than last year when the Huskies had a better season. USTA Middle States is recognizing Coyne for his playing and coaching career accomplishments as well as the Huskies tennis organization. Both the men and women’s teams host the Special Olympics training in the spring, lends a hand to Meals- On- Wheels, and helps out at the Y- Preschool. Coyne also shared with me that after the devastating flood hit Bloomsburg in Sept. 2011, over three hundred hours of labor were put forth by Coyne and the tennis team, to help rebuild the community.

When I asked Coyne if the induction will have an effect on his coaching, he replied with a confident “no.” Coyne then went on to explain that although this award is “humbling,” after he receives it, he will, “go back to being the Marty Coyne before the Hall of Fame; de-worming the courts.”

To Coyne, in regards to being inducted in the USTA Middle States Hall of Fame, it is, “neat to be recognized for doing what you love and have been passionate about your whole life…touching and humbling honor.” Even though Coyne is “flabbergasted” about the induction and the opportunity, he is even more thrilled for what this opportunity is giving him. The induction ceremony is allowing a fun family filled weekend for Coyne. Coyne’s family from New York and California will be flying in for the special event. To Coyne, “that’s the best part of it.”