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Los Angeles Chargers Play-off Catastrophe

The Los Angeles Chargers versus the Las Vegas Raiders was a highly anticipated game to close out the 21′-22′ NFL season. Both of these teams sat upon a 9-7 record with a win securing a playoff spot; However, if the game ended in a tie, both opponents would make the playoffs, while simultaneously sending the Pittsburgh Steelers out.

A NASA degree is indeed a requirement to understand the NFL playoff situation every year.

Rookie Quarterback Justin Herbert led an outstanding game-tying drive that ended with a 12-yard TD reception to Wide Receiver Mike Williams as time expired. Dustin Hopkin’s PAT would sail through the uprights tying the game at 29-29. As both teams prepared for overtime, the tie was just beginning to peek over the playoff horizon.

The Raiders received the first possession of overtime and capped off the drive with a Daniel Carlson 40-yard field goal. The Raiders led overtime 32-29 with a hefty seven-minutes remaining on the clock.

Although under great pressure, Chargers QB Justin Herbert led another fantastic drive deep into the Raiders territory. This drive set up a converted 41- yard field goal by Dustin Hopkins. The game is tied 32-32 with just four minutes remaining.

The Las Vegas Raiders had possession of the ball once again with just 40-seconds on the clock. The Raiders were faced with a 3rd & 4 at the Chargers 35-yard line. With the play clock being eaten up with each play, Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley called a timeout with 38-seconds left. Following the controversial timeout, Running Back Josh Jacobs rushed for 10-yards setting up a 47-yard Daniel Carlson game-winning field goal. The game would not end in a tie, leaving fans salivating for more after getting the “wrong ending”.

This timeout called by Staley could have been completely harmless, but Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr put the decision to rest in a post-game interview.

“It definitely did, obviously,” said Carr after asked about if the timeout effected the offense’s mindset. “But we knew, no matter what, we didn’t want a tie. We wanted to win the football game.” added Carr.

The Raiders and Steelers move onto the playoffs, while the Chargers are heading home until September 2022.

https://youtu.be/NCwMsSS-CIk (Highlights of the 4th Quarter and OT)