John Krahn- Possibly the Largest Football Player Ever

John Krahn, also known as “Junior,” a High School senior football player from Southern California is not just any varsity team linebacker.

Krahn stands an incredible seven feet tall and weighs 440 pounds.

With his naturally huge body, he plans to continue his football career after high school with the hopes of playing in college. Ultimately, he would like to play Division I, just like any other aspiring college football player. However, not every player has this body build.

At seven feet tall, Krahn is taller than anyone who ever played professional football in the NFL. Currently, he is trying to lose weight so that he can prove he has more to offer then his strength from his body. According to an article on, he is actually too large for Division I coaches to consider him as a future part of their team.

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Krahn has had the opportunity to play at USA Football’s National Development Games where college coaches watched the prospects. There he learned that he would need to lose weight. By losing weight, he hopes to improve his agility and footwork. He understands that he is a raw player at this point in time as he is still new to the sport.

A coach at the USA Football’s National Development Games, Jimmy Thomas said, “We had Division I coaches on site that said they’d consider offering him if he lost some weight. They think he could be a force at a lighter weight.”

Krahn told MaxPreps, “I’ve had minimal experience. I started in high school, but I’ve trained my way through, going to different camps.”

According to a 2014 Press Enterprise article, his football journey has not been an easy road thus far. In his junior season, two different instances of altercations caused him to be suspended twice. In another instance, he broke a teammates arm by falling on him during a practice.

Krahn’s current coach, Kevin Corridan, thinks that maybe a junior college team would be the best route for him at the time being. After his football career, he would like to pursue a career as a police officer.

Once he slims down and continues to learn the ropes of the game, no one can say exactly where Krahn will end up. Will he be the largest man to play in the NFL? Or, will his weight prevent him from making it that far?




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