BU Football Wins First Home Game

Rides at the Bloomsburg Fair
Saturday, September 11, the Bloomsburg Huskies defeated the Clarion Golden Eagles 41-13. Over 1,000 BU students were present to cheer the team to victory.

Clarion started out looking fierce with scoring the first touchdown of the game giving the Golden Eagles a 7-0 lead. Seconds passed by, and the Huskies replied with a touchdown of their own with a 66 yard pass to Corey Stiger from BU quarterback Pat Carey, to tie the score 7-7.

Within the first minute of the second quarter, BU’s Matt Cox rushed for 11 yards for the second touchdown giving the Huskies a 14-7 lead.

The start of the third quarter was what the Golden Eagles tried to use for their comeback with a 27 yard field goal by Clarions kicker, Robert Mamula, bringing the score to 14-10.

Huskies Tyler Guise brought the Huskies back with a 55 yard kickoff return, which led to a touchdown by Chris Tressler.

As Clarion gained possession once again, they were thrown off by interception from Huskies John Pettine (aka Nitro), giving him his first career interception. When the Huskies put the ball in play, their next two touchdowns of the quarter were scored by red shirted freshmen, Franklyn Quiteh, who rushed for 218 yards throughout the game.

Within the last minute of the third quarter, the Golden Eagles managed another field goal leaving the score 34-13.

In the fourth quarter, the Huskies score one more touchdown from freshmen Codie Butler. Bloomsburg’s Dan Fisher was 5/6 in kicks for the Huskies offense.

The BU Huskies will host IUP this coming Saturday, September 18, at Redman Stadium beginning at 1 p.m.



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