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Bloomsburg University Athletics – Where is the Crowd?

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Sera Doughton. 

Over the years, the Bloomsburg University athletic teams are some of the biggest success stories, having multiple district and state titles and collecting many wins throughout the years. Up to 50% of Bloomsburg students are involved with either intercollegiate or club sports teams. While these teams are so successful, the turnout of their fans are not. Many sports teams do not have the adequate support, and they feel like they do not have as much coverage as they deserve.

The Bloomsburg University football team has a record of 5-4 during this 2018-2019 season. While they are being successful on the field, players feel like they do not have as much support as they would like. Many students attend the home football games, but the stands are far from being full. Sal Cinaglia, a football player for BU said, “I feel like we had more people come to our games last season as opposed to this season. I try to tell students to come, but not everyone listens or cares about what we have to offer.”

Logan Womelsdorf, a senior wrestler for Bloomsburg University’s D-1 wrestling team said, “I have been on this team since I was a freshman. I have noticed that many students do not even know we are a team, let alone a D-1 team. We’re actually pretty good and it would be awesome if more students could come and show support at our matches.” Many students are not made aware of exactly what athletic teams Bloomsburg has to offer, and when the schedule for the games are.

Besides from after the specific teams’ social media accounts, there is a minimal way for students to know about sporting events on campus. “We definitely do not have as much coverage as we would like. It would be nice if more people can come see us play. Maybe if they knew when our games were, they would want to be a part of it.” Said Jake Sachse, a player on the baseball team.

The general consensus from the team players is that they would all strongly benefit from more coverage and support throughout campus, whether that is through gaining more followers on social media, or having the campus newspapers cover more teams’ wins, losses, and schedules.

“I think it would be awesome because many students don’t know about us,” said senior club rugby player Zach Prebosnyak. “Having more people at our games definitely makes us want to play better. It’s motivating.”