Biggest Moments in Sports Since 9/11

The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 forever altered our lives. Those attacks also changed many things in sports. Here are some of the biggest moments in sports that came out of 9/11.

5. The sports world was also shaken, unsure if any attacks would happen at sporting events. Following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, sporting events were cancelled for several days. Baseball games were postponed for three days; football games, in both college and in the NFL, were postponed for a week. 

4. Once games resumed, stadiums held a long moment of silence, to honor and commemorate the victims of 9/11. Also, sports teams wore patches of the American flag on their jerseys for the rest of the season. Security at the stadiums were heavily increased once sporting events resumed after the attacks. Now, fans are not allowed to bring in water bottles, silverware and anyone that has a bag, purse or backpack is subject to a search.



3. On Sept. 21, 2001, the New York Mets were playing their first baseball game in their home stadium since the terrorist attacks. Players were unsure if they should even paly that night, given the fact that the city was still grieving. They trailed 2-1 in the eighth inning and had a man on base when their best player, catcher Mike Piazza came to the plate. Piazza, who had gotten emotional during a pregame video tribute to the victims of the attacks, belted a two-run homerun to deep centerfield to give the Mets a 3-2 lead that they would not relinquish.

The stadium’s reaction says it all:





2. Pat Tillman, who played safety for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL, made the courageous decision to postpone his football career to voluntarily to go into the US Army in June 2002, following the terrorist attacks. Tragically, he never got to resume his career. Tillman completed several tours, but was tragically killed by “friendly fire” in Afghanistan. Tillman is widely regarded as a loyal hero and was awarded both the Silver Star and the Purple Heart for his actions in the US Army.


1. George W. Bush threw out the first pitch during game three of the 2001 World Series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the hometown New York Yankees. With the crowd in suspense, wondering if anything would happen when the President stepped onto the mound without security, Bush threw a perfect strike to Yankees backup catcher, Todd Greene. The crowd went nuts, giving the former president a standing ovation. He united a nation, and more importantly, a city, for a few moments with his first pitch strike.

Here’s the link to the video of George Bush throwing out the first pitch: