Bernie Fine Fired

Bernie Fine has been fired during his 36 year at Syracuse University after a voice recording of his wife emerged acknowledging alleged sexual abuse as well as a third man accusing the assistant basketball coach of molesting him nine years ago.

Zach Tomaselli of Lewiston, Maine, said Sunday that he told police that Fine “touched him multiple times,” in 2002 in a Pittsburg hotel room. Bobby Davis, who was the ball boy for Syracuse, said that the abuse started in 1984 and it continued until he was around 27. On Oct. 8, he legally recorded his 2002 phone call to Fines wife, Laurie, saying that she knew that this was happening.

Laurie Fine said on the call that she knows everything that went on but that there is nothing she can do about it, she also states that Bernie FIne has “mental issues.” Jim Boeheim, current basketball coach of Syracuse University, said he supports the decision of the University and continues to coach the team through their season.