Battle of the Birds

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Baltimore Ravens 24-23 on Sunday and are 2-0 on the season

The Philadelphia Eagles won their second game of the season yesterday edging out the Baltimore Ravens 24-23.

The 1-0 Philadelphia Eagles hosted their season home opener Sunday against the 1-0 Baltimore Ravens. With both teams coming off of a successful first week, both squads were eager to keep their win streak alive and start off the season on a good note. Unnecessary roughness penalties were a huge factor during the game, but that didn’t stop the Philadelphia Eagles from emerging victorious over visiting Baltimore.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick found tight end Brent Celek on the first play of the game for 23 yards pass completion. Celek went on to be one of the top performers on the day with eight receptions for a total of 157 yards. That drive ended two plays later after Vick was picked off in the endzone by Ravens seven-year safety Bernard Pollard. With four turnovers against the Ravens and five in their week one win against the Cleveland Browns it’s clear that turnovers have been a problem so far for the Eagles. The Ravens struggled with turnovers as well throughout the game. Quarterback Joe Flacco had a fumble forced out by Eagles eight-year defensive end Trent Cole late in the first quarter. The turnover would result in LeSean McCoy scoring the first touchdown of the game on a handoff from Vick.

The second quarter was a handful of three and outs for both teams, until Flacco found Jacoby Jones for a 21-yard touchdown. It isn’t until late in the second quarter that 13-time pro bowl linebacker Ray Lewis made some noise. Lewis recovered a fumble from LeSean Mccoy, setting up a 35 yard for the Ravens who led 17-7 at the half.

Flacco and the Ravens began the third quarter by throwing an interception to DeMeco Ryans, resulting in a 23-yard touchdown pass form Vick to Jeremy Maclin.  With the Ravens still on top 17-14 and just under two minutes left in the third quarter Vick dropped back and found Desean Jackson for a 50-yard completion. Vick threw an interception to Ed Reed on the very next play.

Down 23-17 in the fourth quarter Vick lead the Eagles on yet another game winning drive rushing in the 3-yard touchdown himself. Vick finished the day with 371 yards passing one touchdown and two interceptions.  The Eagles take on the Cardinals next Sunday in Arizona looking to start the season 3-0