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ASU Sorority Girls Teased for Selfies at Arizona Diamondbacks Game

Arizona State’s sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, was recently in the news for their latest appearance at the Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Colorado Rockies game on Wednesday, Sept. 30. The girls appeared to be very busy doing everything but watching the game. On national television, the announcers called them out for their partaking in the numerous “selfies,” while eating and enjoying the stadium favorites.

The video of the girls snapping photos during the game went viral and caught the attention of the public. There were mixed reports on whether or not the girls took offense to the reporter’s comments. In the end, the announcers got a hold of the sorority girls and invited them to the Thursday night game. They politely declined the offer and insisted they provide tickets for a future game for the families associated with the organization New Leaf, a non-profit organization that helps those associated with domestic violence.

The sorority girls are not the only people caught doing something on camera during sports events. Lets take a look at some other embarrassing moments caught on tape.






Hopefully these embarrassing moments caught on tape provided some humor to your day.