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Another Possible Adrian Peterson Arrest; This Time for Smoking Marijuana

Adrian Peterson doesn’t seem to know when to quit. He is in the headlines again, but this time for breaking his $15,000 bond that went along with his child abuse hearing. As part of his bond conditions, he had to take a drugAP test this past Wednesday, where he admitted to the person conducting the test that he had “smoked a little weed.” The prosecution in the case has filed for him to be arrested again for this violation, but the results of Peterson’s test are still unknown.

Peterson’s tentative court date for allegedly injuring his child is set for Dec. 1. If convicted, he could face from six months up to two years in state prison.

Peterson has been placed on the exempt/commissioner’s permissions list; which means he is suspended from the National Football League with pay. The Minnesota Vikings stated that Peterson will remain suspended until the issue is legally resolved.