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Alex Smith (Calf) will not start in tonight’s game vs. Buccaneers

The announcement came late afternoon that Washington Football Team QB1 Alex Smith will be inactive due to a calf injury.

This announcement is an extreme disappointment if you know Smith’s story from the past two years.

Smith gruesomely shattered his right leg in two places, with one piercing the skin for a complete compound fracture on Nov. 18, 2018. Doctors initially told Smith he may not live due to complications from the injury, or that they may have to amputate his leg. They then told Smith he may never gain the ability to walk again due to such a horrible injury.

Smith would undergo 17 surgeries over the course of these two years just to get his leg healthy again. There was no guarantee that he would see another NFL snap.

Alex Smith was finally cleared to play football again by his medical team in July of 2020. The news was met with wholesome, heartfelt and absolute excitement for NFL fans everywhere. Alex coming back from nearly dying, to playing the exact same sport that almost caused his death, retirement and possible ability to walk, is incredibly inspirational.

Although Smith will not start tonight, his efforts in the regular season are what led Washington to this game tonight. Since starting, Smith achieved a 5-1 record which launched his team into the number one spot in the NFC East, solidifying their playoff position.

Taylor Heinicke will start at QB for Washington VS Tampa Bay at 8:15 p.m. EST.

Featured Image by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images