Special Cigarettes NOT Covered by Smoking Ban


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In a world where electronics and technology have taken control and altered our entire culture, is it really outrageous that there is now such a thing as an electronic cigarette?

The E-Cigarette, the new alternative to that controversial little nicotine stick, is a small rod, a bit longer than a regular cigarette, that looks almost identical to its counterpart.

But can it be called a counterpart? The E-Cig does not contain or release any tobacco.  Instead, it embodies a small cartridge full of liquid.  The liquid, which is mainly nicotine, can come in many different flavors or scents.  When an individual inhales from the rod, a microprocessor in the mouth-piece activates a nebulizer.  This nebulizer releases vaporized nicotine as the person inhales.  The tip of the “cigarette” is an LED light that lights up whenever a drag is taken, making the E-Cig resemble a plain old cigarette even more.  The electronic cigarette runs on a rechargeable battery with charges ranging from one day to a week or more at a time.

When purchasing nicotine cartridges, users have many choices available.  Different flavors are an option as well as different levels of nicotine.  There are even cartridges that contain very low or no nicotine at all.  Which is why many health enthusiasts are agreeing that this cigarette is a healthy way to feed those addictions while quitting at the same time.  You can lower or raise the dosage as you please.

The electronic cigarette is raising questions though; it rides under the radar when it comes to certain smoking bans.  Many bans focus on tobacco, which the E-Cig does not contain. Questions are also surfacing because this new technology is also still undergoing studies.  Many officials are denying if the electronic cigarette is safer than old-school cigs because too little peer-to-peer testing has been done.

Every country seems to have their version of the electronic cigarette, but it is still too soon to tell whether it is a safe way to cut down on the smoke, or just another controversy for us adults to fight about.

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  1. Do you think these will be banned. I mean if i know if i was philip morris who invented the failed accord or pfizer, i would want them banned to save my products and they have a large lobby. plus this things are from china. i bet sooner or later something will be found it them that is dangerous.

  2. You are right to be concerned eric, the prospect of them being banned is real and in fact they have already been banned in Denmark already. They have also been restricted for sale in S. korea and some middle eastern countries.

    Also WHO, the World Health Organisation, is meeting this week in S. Africa to discuss a list of recommendations it will pose to its member nations on how to curtail the sale of cigarettes. Hot on the agenda will also be the Electronic Cigarette. WHO has already had a run-in with the electronic cigarette and it wasnt good as a number of sellers were marketing the electronic cigarette as an NRT or smoking cessation device and using their logo on their sites.

    WHO put out a press release asking these sellers to remove these claims from all promotional material as there has been no clinical test to proove that these claims are correct. these tests are costly. The pharmaceutical companies has had to pay a lot of money to be able to sell their nicotine gums, patches etc as a NRT’s. you can imagine that they wont be too happy if electronic cigarettes suddenly get a free ride and make inroads in their profits.

    So now a lot of sellers are marketing them as a “tobacco alternative”. This means that the FDA won’t class them as a drug and also the ATF won’t class them as a tobacco product. So the electronic cigarette is really in a sort of limbo for now. But now that it is on WHO’s radar and given that it contains a powerful addictive drug and comes in many tempting flavors, you can expect to see some restrictions placed on the product. Are the multitude of Chinese manfacturers who make a version of the electronic cigarette geared up for this and do they have a rigorous teting procedure in place? short answer is no and unfortunately we are all too aware of the deadly procucts that have slipped by check-points and made it into our living-rooms from China, from dolls to pet-food. But all this is about to play out in the coming year.

    After becoming interested in all this and being an elctronic cigarette user for the past 6 months, I decided to set up site so people could follow all the information and news reports that are coming out about the electronic cigarette at E-cig News.com. Its a social news site so anyone can submit a link to something of interest. so far i have been updating it daily and have been adding links to all the documents, information and news reports and videos that i have come accross and hopefully others will do the same. I am also worried that electronic cigarettes will be banned as for the first time in 10 years, i have been tobacco free which i never thought would be so easily possible.

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