Six Year-Old Fashion Blogger: Too RISKY!

Many of you have heard of The Bachelor star, Corinne Olympios, also known as the 24-year old with the nanny. If you by chance follow her on Instagram you would have seen her post about her cousin’s fashion blog. Originally, my first thoughts were that it was neat that she is promoting her cousin’s blog.

Promoting her cousin’s fashion blog… no big deal, right? WRONG. This fashion blog is run by a six year-old… again, this doesn’t seem to be too big of a deal. However, is anyone monitoring this account? Do her parents not care what pictures are out there of their SIX year-old?!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: This is in no way an article bashing on a six year-old; it’s an article about why no parent should allow their child to post pictures on a public account like this one.

UPDATE: Corinne’s Instagram post of the account has now been deleted. But don’t worry, a screen shot of the posts is to follow (keep reading).
While this is apparently a fashion account, there are very little posts about anything fashion. There are 11 posts on her Instagram, five of which she is not fully clothed and two where she’s wearing a crop top.

Here’s a few pictures from her blog:

Pictures of anyone who look naked in a bathtub are risky. Why are there pictures of this little girl in a bathtub with her ‘private’ areas covered by a magazine? To add to that, there’s roses in the tub which to me is a more romantic gesture than anything.

Child predators are EVERYWHERE. With a public account and several risky pictures, it seems as if there is a lack of privacy and safety for this young girl.

More than anything, this raises the question, what parental supervision do other young children have while they are online? Many young children have access to technology and are able to create accounts for themselves without their parents knowing. Seeing this you almost have to question do her parents know about this account? If not, what makes these pictures okay?

This specific blogger is receiving more spotlight than most six year-olds would because of Corinne, but it’s also receiving negative spotlight. Corinne’s post is where most of the negativity can be found. Here’s a look at the comments:

My biggest piece of advice for parents: to be to learn to be on top of the rising social media platforms, learn to use them as your children use them. I am not a mother, I don’t understand parenting decisions. However, I am someone who has had the chance to be a big part of many young lives, and I could never imagine what could happen based off of public pictures like these at such a young age.

What I would LOVE to see is for this account to turn into a more age appropriate fashion blog. I would love to see her personal outlook on fashion in a more modest way.