A high, close-fitting collar often rolled or turned down, appearing especially on pullover sweaters. Yes, believe it or not, the turtleneck is back with a vengeance after being neatly tucked away into drawers and chests everywhere during the mid-90s. What would cause such an abrupt and unexpected fad in the world of fashion? Put quite simply, the death of one of the most successful and innovative minds in American history.

After news broke last Wednesday that the co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. had passed away, the sales of turtlenecks skyrocketed.  Known for often sporting turtlenecks of the luxury brand St. Croix, Steve Jobs’ sudden death landed the austere article
of clothing at the top of everyone’s shopping list. So much so, that in fact, St. Croix’s turtleneck sales increased nearly 100 percent, a mere 24 hours after Jobs’ passing away.

Because this trend has flourished, literally, overnight, it is rather unpredictable how long the turtleneck will actually be “in.”  But don’t fret; if you do decide to spend a little hard-earned cash on a turtleneck sweater, there are many autumn and winter trends that it will seamlessly blend with, creating a preppy, yet effortless look.  For example, the turtleneck will perfectly tie in with a plaid skirt, knee socks and loafers.  Or try donning a turtleneck under a faux-fur vest. Voila!  It’s the perfect layering piece for the cold weather.

Although the turtleneck is inconsequential compared to Jobs’ technological accomplishments, it’s one more trend to thank him for