Scott Disick has reportedly checked himself into rehab again. According to TMZ, he checked into Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica last Monday after a long night filled with tequila.

rythmiaThe Rythmia Life Advancement Center offers an Iboga treatment, which is what Disick is hoping will help with his addiction. An Iboga treatment involves roots from a small African tree which is believed to help fight addiction and is very effective. The center will also offer him group therapy, holistic and homeopathic medicine, and spiritual mind therapy. Other than the treatment, the private estate has a five-star restaurant, full-service spa and mud bath, and a fitness center, all of which is said to be a “luxurious world-class experience.”

According to Hollywood Life, Disick has confidence in this center: “While I have been unconvinced in the past of treatment and therapy methods, Rythmia’s rehab approach puts my worries at ease. The fact that there is a money back guarantee that has never been called upon gives me even more confidence. I am looking forward to starting my therapy and iboga treatment there.”


Scott Disick in Atlantic City

So what made Disick check into rehab? It seems as though the final straw was a weekend spent in Atlantic City where he hosted The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort. Allegedly, he was doing multiple shots of tequila out in the open, went on a rant onstage, and didn’t end his night until eight in the morning when it has been said that he was seen walking through the hotel lobby without shoes. At 5 p.m., people went to his room to do a welfare check, but he was not there.

In addition, Hollywood Life reports that Kourtney Kardashian offered him an ultimatum due to his partying which allegedly lead to him asking women back to his hotel suite to party when he was at a nightclub in England on Feb. 27. The ultimatum Kardashian offered was to come home or she would change the locks.


Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

Despite the tough love of Kardashian’s ultimatum, she is sticking by Disick’s side. She recently told People Magazine, “He is doing well. I think the thing that’s most important to me is just his commitment to working on himself. If somebody doesn’t want to make changes then that’s really hard.” She continues to say that their relationship is strong because of the fact that he’s willing to make changes: “He is learning so much about himself and growing, and so that’s really amazing to see. When he’s working on himself it only betters our relationship.”

That was a supportive statement made by Kardashian, but TMZ reported yesterday that Disick is planning to leave rehab on Monday because he’s “too busy.” He allegedly had a flight booked for Saturday to return to L.A. for business, but skipped it to stay at Rythmia for one week. A normal treatment takes three weeks, so he wanted to stay a full week before leaving his people reported to TMZ. It was also reported that Disick can return for more treatment whenever he is ready.

It will be interesting to see if Disick returns to rehab with his history of being in and out of it. Good luck to him and his family.