Renovating the Revolution – WBUQ 91.1fm Bloomsburg


By Kelly Barnett, Brandi Furman, Breanne Tobin, Gary Truax

Flip on the Radio. Tune it to 91.1fm. Listen and hear your peers-fellow students and staff-live on the airwaves in Bloomsburg.  WBUQ “The Revolution” is Bloomsburg University’s student run radio station, which for years has run under the radar of the student population.  This year the station is changing face—renovating “The Revolution” with a new icon, new general manager, new music, and new appeal. Prior to this past summer, WBUQ was a heavy-death metal station, with student shows sprinkled into the mix every now and again.

The contrast of student DJ’s shows and the rotation of metal music was shocking. Going from  listening to Johnny Cash or The Red Hot Chili Peppers,  to the screams of Pantera or GWAR could sometimes cause a feeling for listeners I like to call music shell shock.  It was a time for change.
Rich Antico now oversees “The Revolution” as the General Manager for the Station.  He could only explain his choice in changing the music face of the station  when he admitted, “My brain started hurting—thank god it’s over.”

Over the summer, WBUQ began a rotation of primarily rap and hip-hop music, but it still wasn’t exactly what the station was looking for.  WBUQ wanted to become a hybrid in this world of radio; they wanted to appeal to everyone with all kinds of music.  By the time the fall semester began again, Antico looked to expand the rotation library further with the help of the Executive Staff and DJ’s.

Next came the new look.  Some may remember the devilish looking icon that once embodied WBUQ, but with the change in the majority of music played by the station the Executive Staff worked to create a new icon.  Dave Secouler is the artistic creator of the new icon for the station.

Rock, indie, alternative, punk, rap, hip-hop, metal, and classic genres can all be heard on the air waves.  DJ’s can be heard talking, debating, cracking jokes, and playing all types of music for the pleasure of the listeners.  Requests are taken, and callers are aired.  The station has hybridized itself to conform to the diversity of its listeners taste in music and now it is time for all of Bloomsburg to tune in.

“You’re listening to WBUQ 91.1fm-‘The Revolution’-Bloomsburg.”

Check out the station and stream it live online at:

The Fearsome Foursome – WBUQ 91.1 Fm Bloomsburg from Kelly Barnett on Vimeo.




  1. Nice job…I really enjoyed the whole package!

    Looks like great fun but I wonder if I have the face for radio?!?!

  2. I have no clue. Clearly as you can see in the video, I always look above people’s heads while talking. Wish I could help you.

  3. Great job guys! I graduated from Bloomsburg, but still hang out in town quite often. It’s nice to hear some diversity on the radio station. I do love me some death metal though. As long as the rotation doesn’t include too many jam bands I’ll be happy.

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