Queen B Conquers Super Bowl Halftime Show

I think it’s safe to say that Sunday night’s halftime show was one for the history books. After the recent controversy surrounding Beyoncé and the lip-synching fiasco at the Presidential Inauguration, it’s clear to see that she cleared the air and rid everyone of any doubt that they might have had about her ability to sing. Prior to Super Bowl Sunday, Beyoncé attended a press conference where she sang the National Anthem a cappella, and afterward addressed the audience by asking, “any questions?” The poised and talented Beyoncé set the tone for her upcoming and much anticipated Super Bowl halftime performance, which was nothing less than jaw dropping.

Right from the start, I knew the performance was going to be unforgettable, if not more unforgettable than the legendary Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake halftime show. From the moment the giant flaming Beyoncé silhouette lit up, the energy in the Superdome was souring through the roof, and there is no doubt in my mind that every person watching the game was on their feet ready for the halftime entertainment they were about to receive. From the set list, made up some of the Queen B’s hit jams, including Love On top, Crazy In Love, and Baby Boy, to the amazingly sexy choreography, simply saying that she set fire to the stage is an understatement.

As if she wasn’t already rocking the stage, things got really hot and heavy when halfway through the show Destiny’s Child took the stage. Emerging from underneath the stage, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined Beyoncé, singing some of their most popular songs, Bootylicious and Independent Women. The trio owned the stage looking as fierce and as in sync as ever, performing like they haven’t missed a beat. The two remained on stage, helping B kick off her performance of her famous song, Single Ladies. After about a minute, Rowland and Williams exited the stage, leaving Beyoncé and her dancers to take over once again. She asked the crowd to put their hands up, telling everyone she wanted to feel their energy. Well energy is what she got while she poured her heart and soul into the last song on the set list, Halo.

Everything about the show was mesmerizing. The lights, the dancing, the outfits, and most of all the stage presence and confidence Beyoncé had while performing. It was easy to tell just from watching that she wanted her performance to be memorable, especially after all the negative publicity she got from her lip-synching performance. Well memorable it was, so memorable, that after the 13-minute halftime show, the Superdome lost power, putting the game at a standstill for 35 minutes. It was energy that Beyoncé wanted, and it was energy that she got.  She gave a performance of a lifetime, a performance that will without a doubt go down in Super Bowl history as one of the best halftime shows ever.