Bloomsburg Huskies - Will Wagner - 2014 Football - Google Chrome 11172014 73413 PMThe BU Huskies have been crushing it this season with an undefeated record up until the PSAC championship game last Saturday against Slippery Rock. It was there that Bloomsburg University punter, Will Wagner, successfully landed two pivotal punts inside the five-yard line.

With an average of 39 yards and a career high of 59 yards, he is telling all about his time as a Husky and how he’s gearing up for playoffs.



How long have you been punting and how did you decide to pursue it in college?

This is my fourth year punting. When I was a goalie in soccer I realized that I was exceptional at punting, so I decided to try out for my high school football team in my junior year and went from there.

What was special about Bloomsburg that made you want to come here?

Mainly it was because I liked the campus a lot and the team was good every year. The team chemistry was better here than a lot of the other places. They all got along really well.

You’ve been starting since your freshman year as one of the only two true freshman at the time. What’s that been like?

Well, I felt honored. I was lucky enough to be able to play for such a winning team my first year.

What has been the highlight of your punting career so far?

Last season against West Chester downing the ball on their one-yard line three times, which gave our team great field position, so we were able to win the game. I received national recognition for my punts that game.

And what has been the most rewarding part of this season as a Husky?

Making it to playoffs and having a chance to play in the national championship game.

What was your main focus for Saturday’s PSAC championship game?

My main focus was to kick the ball and keep it away from their returners. I was able to kick it away from them and down the ball inside their five-yard line twice.

Moving forward, how are you preparing for playoffs?

I’m working on my consistency and doing anything I can that will help benefit the team. We have a bye first round, so our team will have plenty of rest and will be hungry for a win the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

What are your hopes for the rest of your time on the team here at Bloomsburg University?

My hopes are to win another championship and to make it to playoffs every year.


The Huskies will have home field advantage for their next game on Saturday Nov. 29 against either LIU Post or Virginia State.