Bloomsburg University’s Public Relations Student Society of America is participating in the Bateman Case Study Competition, a national competition that challenges PRSSA chapters to research, plan, implement and evaluate a full-scale public relations campaign. This competition allows students to compete against other PRSSA chapters across the country while gaining real-world, hands-on experience. 

This year, the Public Relations Student Society of America, who hosts the Bateman Competition, partnered with The Lymphoma Research Foundation and The Paul Foundation for a public health campaign that asked students to educate AYAs (individuals aged 15-39) and to revamp the campaign to eradicate lymphoma.

The Red Front’s “Are You 1 in 5?” poster can be seen in participating store windows along Main Street.

Lymphoma is the most common form of blood cancer, with more than 111,000 people receiving a diagnosis in the United States each year. 

One in five AYAs who are diagnosed with cancer each year are diagnosed with a type of lymphoma.

Bloomsburg University’s PRSSA launched their campaign, The Red Front, on Feb. 7. Since then, they have started an Instagram (@buredfront), created an online lymphoma learning video, partnered with 20 local businesses and educated over 500 Bloomsburg University students. 

On March 6, The Red Front covered the staircase leading to the academic quadrangle with red and white glow sticks to garner media attention among campus students. Shortly after, the glow sticks were observed being removed by an unidentified individual. Students who live in Northumberland Hall took to social media to share and discuss the removal, allowing The Red Front to reach their objective, but not in the way that they were expecting.

Red and white glow sticks on the staircase leading to the academic quadrangle.

PRSSA president, Ava Stasen, spoke on the glow stick removal: “While not surprising, it was certainly a little disheartening. Overall, though, our experience participating in the Bateman Competition has been incredibly positive, and has taught us how to move forward from setbacks by pivoting our campaign when needed.”

PRSSA treasurer and member of The Red Front, Melanie Aikins, shared her thoughts on the campaign thus far: “We have been working on this campaign vigorously, and we were very excited for what we considered to be an educational and creative event. Our campaign is for a great cause, and we plan to continue to raise awareness on and off campus.”

While The Red Front’s implementation period came to an end on Friday, March 11, all of PRSSA’s work will still be accessible through Instagram and Youtube.