Over the last 100 years, pro-volleyball has been a top-performing sport worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of people watch this sport every year. Even with this large amount of popularity, the US has continued not to offer volleyball as a pro sport. If top collegiate athletes want to continue playing, they must go overseas to participate. In 2020, the company Athletes Unlimited started offering these top-performing athletes the chance to play in the states. This pulled a large majority of pro-volleyball players back into the US from Europe. Currently, 44 pro-volleyball players participate in this variation in sports. 

In January, the Joe Burrow Foundation announced that they would start the American Pro-Volleyball Federation in 2024. This study aimed to allow collegiate athletes to play volleyball at the top level in the US. Currently, over 20 of the best volleyball players to come out of the state have already committed to play when this program starts the next year. The federation is set to play just like any pro sport in the US. Many popular, big cities would have their own teams that would travel and compete in their own bracket play at the end of the season. This opportunity pushes further into the promotion of women’s equality in sports. Very few women sports in the US compete at the pro level. This will be a new direction for many female athletes. This was set to start the competition in February 2024. Some athletes set to compete are Morgan Hentz, Tori Dilfer, and Jenna Rosenthal. There were 8+ teams, containing 14 athletes to play in 16 games total. This is a major advancement in women’s sports, and it starts the next year. 

This is a major advancement for women in Division II and I athletes. This could be a game-changer for women all over the US. Students in division II programs generally do not get the chance to go play proactively because of the lack of players needed overseas. These programs generally only involve the best athletes. With this program starting, athletes who dream to play at this level are now given the chance. Women all over the country can now stay in the state while still being paid to play their sport.