BUnow will be raffling off prizes over the next  few weeks to benefit  students who love  Balzano’s pizza.  So if you want to win a $25 gift card to Balzano’s go onto our Facebook page and “Like” us, it’s seriously that simple.  As soon as you hit the “Like” button on Facebook you will be automatically entered to win the prizes below.


  • Once we reach 800 members on Facebook we will raffle off bag of Halloween Candy
  • After 900 members we will auction off a free BUnow t-shirt



  • After 950, and 975 Members we will auction off Candy + Free BUnow t-shirts
  • When we hit 1000 Facebook members we will raffle of the $25 Gift Card to Balzano’s



Like BUnow at = $25 GIFT CARD TO BALZANO’S

$25 to Balzano’s = 12 slices of delicious late night pizza, with an extra dollar off your next slice.