On Feb. 18, four high school students who reside in Portland, Oregon kidnapped one of their classmates, an unidentified 16-year-old boy. The students were believed to hit the young man over the head with a crowbar, carry him into a shed, shoot him with a BB gun and carve a swastika into his forehead.

The names of the alleged participants included 17-year-old Jess Taylor, 15-year-olds Jenna Montgomery and Blue Kalmbach, and an unidentified 14-year-old boy who was charged as a juvenile, all of whom attend David Douglas High School in Portland. Following the torture, the victim was able to escape and call for help at a nearby auto shop.

As a result, the police arrived and arrested the teenagers. Currently, Taylor, Montgomery, and Kalmbach are facing charges for kidnapping, assault, and robbery. They are being held in a juvenile detention facility and they will be appearing in front of a grand jury on Tuesday, Feb. 25. Despite the disadvantages that they are facing, with the charges and the $3 million dollar, the teenagers are pleading not guilty to the crime. In the end, the jury will have the final say in determining the fate of these teenagers.