The very first poetry slam of the year occurred on September 23, during which students presented their own creative pieces.The slam was hosted by Sigma Tau Delta, the English fraternity, Bloomsburg chapter. It was held in Bakeless 102 for anyone who was interested in attending.

The event turned up a variety of different students, with different backgrounds and experiences, and not everyone at the slam was an English major. They all simply shared something in common: their love of poetry. Whether they wrote poetry, recited it, or just admired it, each and every student shared that one love.

Poetry is considered one of the free ways to express emotion, whether it be personal or shared. It is a way for a writer to play with words; the placement of words or the choice of words often play into the final presentation of a poem. As Charles Simic once said, “Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them.”

Each student who recited their poetry had a spectacular performance. Every poem was heartfelt and meaningful to the author, and it took a lot of courage to share their poetry to a large group of strangers.

Lloyd Ebersole, a sophomore and creative writing major, states “It was really interesting to hear the different forms and variations of poetry.”

One poet in particular, Dante, was considered the most popular with his smooth rhythm and heartfelt poetry. He shocked the audience with his ability to memorize and recite his sincere poetry. The audience asked for encore after encore from Dante.

Alexandra Martinez, president of Sigma Tau Delta, will try to organize a poetry slam monthly. Slams will be held in Bakeless 102. Keep an eye out for flyers around campus with further information about upcoming poetry slams.

For all others who enjoy poetry, a large poetry festival, Dodge Poetry Festival, will be running this weekend in Stanhope, NJ from Thursday the 25th to Sunday the 28th. For further information, visit their website at: