I am fascinated by the ability of one website to have so much power over a single individual. No, I am not addicted to World of Warcraft (if that’s your thing, go on with your bad self) my attention span is way too short for that. What I am referring to is my beautiful and carefully organized Pinterest boards.

I will be the first to admit I have my fair share of social media addictions, However, with the other social media outlets I have all the will power in the world to pass right by the shared posts on Facebook even if I will “die tomorrow if you don’t share” or “Retweet to Spread the Word about Forest Fires,” but this, this is different.

Pinterest can have me running for the nearest craft store in hysterics or rubbing coffee grounds and mayonnaise into my face in a matter of minutes because Pinterest has convinced me that without the putrid facemask or a wreath made of plastic spoons I will be a less desirable human being. Insane? Maybe. Is this the reality I live in? Yes.

They say the first step of addiction is admitting you have a problem, or at least that’s what they say in the intervention episodes of How I Met Your Mother. So here it goes…

My name is Sarie and I am addicted to Pinterest.

And as a way of battling my addiction my therapist, A.K.A. my roommate, suggested I share my Pinterest success, failures and OCD tendencies with you weekly so I may realize how truly ridiculous I have become.

First, I would like to point out something I learned the hard way, not everything on Pinterest is a good idea. One example is to make a skirt out of a sweater. When I first saw this I was excited and thinking to myself “Hey, I have a sweater. Watch me tie it around my hips and everyone will ask where I got my cute bow skirt. Everyone loves bows. Win!”

What really happened was I wrapped a sweater around my hips, and looked like I didn’t understand the concept of clothing, because I HAD A SWEATER WRAPPED AROUND MY HIPS AND SWEATERS ARE MADE FOR TORSOS.  So I am here to show you that seeing something done by a beautiful girl on Pinterest is NOT always the case in real life.

This is kind of ridiculous.