Philadelphia 76ers Under New Ownership

During a frustrating decade of mediocre basketball, the Philadelphia 76ers have been sold by Ed Snider to Joshua Harris and the rest of his nine person ownership group. Ed Snider, who is also Philadelphia Flyers owner, has decided to sell the Sixers after 15 years of ownership.

Harris and his group didn’t hesitate to make a splash during their first day of ownership. Ed Stefanski is out as general manager of the 76ers, and any die hard 76ers fan like me knows that this is a great thing. Ed Stefanski has made some questionable decisions during his reign as general manager, including signing Andre Iguodala, a seven year veteran with a 11.4 ppg (points per game) average in 2011, and 15.6 ppg in his career, to a six year, 80$ million contract.

The fresh prince, actor, rapper, and Philadelphia native, Will Smith, will also become partial owner of the Philadelphia 76ers. This move is  similar to when rapper Jay-z decided to take ownership of the New Jersey Nets, and it’s rumored that Jay-z will soon bring the Nets to New York and make them the Brooklyn Nets. the 76ers aren’t going anywhere. Once the NBA lockout is lifted, the 76ers will be back to playing in the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, and with a promising young crew consisting of Jrue Holiday, Lou Williams, Thaddeus Young, and Evan Turner, veteran Elton Brand, Doug Collins as the head coach, and brand new ownership, this reporter is extremely excited. Can you say “Run with Us”?