Perfect pitching leads Phillies to win

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I’m not going to gloat, and I won’t rub it in the Yankees faces.  But what I will say is, never underestimate those Fightin’ Phillies. I think that’s part of the reason the Phillies won last night, because the Yankees thought the Phillies would be an easy win. They were wrong.

Cliff Lee took the mound for the Phillies Wednesday and he pitched another perfect gem!  Lee has been everything and more for this Philadelphia team and I love it.  He said last night in a press conference that he is ready to pitch again whenever Charlie needs him.  Could he possibly pitch Game 5 in Philadelphia?

Everything seemed to come together Wednesday night for the Phillies except their fielding error in the 9th inning which scored Derek Jeter.  The bats finally came out for the Phillies at this game.  Utley is finally getting his swing back, hitting two homeruns to right field.  Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins, and Raul Ibanez went 1 for 4 at the plate.  Victorino scored a run and an RBI, Rollins had a run and a stolen base, and Raul had two RBIs.  Ryan Howard also had a big night going 2-5 with two big double and an RBI.

Not only are the Philly bats coming around, but their fielding was a gem too!  Rollins made a great play at short which he turned for a double play.  The umpires were a little confused at first and only called for 1 out, which I didn’t understand.  Why the umpires felt a need to discuss this play and wait to call it a double play is beyond me.  Rollins caught a fly ball, tagged second and threw to Howard who tagged Matsui out. Everything was covered!  Rollins wasn’t the only star on the diamond Wednesday night, besides his pitching, Lee made two great defensive plays.  The first play, which was a simple pop up to the pitcher looked so simple and easy for him.  Okay, so this wasn’t a great defensive play but he just looked so calm and at ease.  As a fan, it makes me feel comfortable to see my pitcher so calm and relaxed on the mound.  His second defensive play, which was truly amazing, was his behind the back grab in the 8th inning.  I won’t even describe it, just watch the clip.

Everything worked Wednesday for the Phils.  They were swinging the bats, pitching was fantastic and there was no need to go to their bullpen which I was pleased about.  Tonight’s match up brings A.J Burnett on the mound for the Bronx Bombers and Pedro “Yankees are my Daddy” Martinez for the Phillies.  If Martinez has a solid outing like he did against the Dodgers and if they Phillies score some runs for him, I think the Phillies might win again tonight.   A lot is riding on this start for Martinez, he needs to show New York and America that he is truly the Yankees Daddy and he needs to show teams that he still has some juice left in his arm.

If the Phillies play like they did Wednesday night, if they truly want to win it again, and if they play for Harry Kalas, then New York better watch out.  The Phillies are here to prove that they are a legit baseball team, that they can take on the best of the best in baseball.