Personal Adornment Day 2008: Reflection Revisited II

What were you doing in the late afternoon of Thursday, April 10th? That evening, the fourth 
annual Personal Adornment Day and Makeup Extravaganza took over Haas. It was a bit like a carnival or...

Personal Adornment Day 2008: Pictures

PAD Day 2008 Pictures

Personal Adornment Day 2008: Reflection Revisited

  After attending the fourth annual Personal Adornment Day and Makeup Extravaganza Thursday April 10th, I came away from the show feeling very surprised to have seen so many different types of wearable art. I...

Music File Sharing Warning

The Office of Technology (OT) has shut off access to the Internet for hundreds of BU students  in the last two weeks as a result of copyright infringement notices from the Recording Industry Association...

Finding Success with Online Journalism

Blog, bloggie, bloggiest. Try saying that five times fast.  Good thing this isn’t required to become a successful blogger.But then, what is a successful blogger anyway, and what does it take to become one?  It...

¿No Hablas Español?

You don’t speak Spanish!? You can learn to speak, read, and write in Spanish with My Spanish Coach for Nintendo DS.  My Spanish Coach will teach you about 10,000 words and 700 phrases in...

Flash games for the Next Gen

Flash games aren't supposed to be good. They're an online staple much like Youtube's video of groin shots, and pictures of cats posing the eternal question "I can haz cheezeburger?"  Flash games are a...


Hello everyone! How exciting is this?! Bloomsburg University is taking strides to keep up with the media trends of the rest of the world with the establishment of BU Now.  Don't get me wrong, our campus...