The Magic of JesVic – No Train Can Bring it Down!

It's unbelievable to me that in just over a week, JesVic will be happening again. Last year was the first time this charity 5K race and walk occured, and after the day was over the co-coordinator,...

Outdated Protocol Responsible for Phishing Spam

During the last few weeks before students left for summer break, several of them received phishing spam to their university e-mail accounts, partially due to out-of-date e-mail protocols. Samuel Josuweit, of network services, said...

Bloom Students Receive Phishing Spam

Several Bloomsburg students have now received at least two phishing spam e-mails to their university e-mail accounts.  These e-mails request information about their usernames, passwords, a "secret question" and a "secret answer."  Student have...

Spring 2008 Senior Exit Show

On Monday, April 28, Haas Gallery hosted the opening reception for the Spring 2008 Senior Exit Show. The Exit Show began in the Spring of 2007 and is held the last couple weeks of...

OCB Bloomsburg

BLOOMSBURG- On Saturday afternoon, Bloomsburg University’s Iron Club and the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders hosted the 2008 OCB Bloomsburg Naturals, and for one student, it was a family affair. Zach Hoffman, a freshman majoring in...

The Tan of the Present

Want to get a tan without the risks of harmful UV rays? Sunless tanning has come a long way since the days of orange coloration and streakiness. Sephora hosts dozens of self tanners for every...

Man’s Best Friend or Man’s Best Livestock?

Pennsylvania, especially Lancaster County, is well known for its puppy mills. Puppy mills are breeding factories for puppy wholesalers. The Oprah Show featured a special on puppy mills with reporter Lisa Ling traveling to...

Step 3: Bring in the Assistants; Baseball Makes Bold Request at SAAC

The university’s athletic program of the past two years can be summed up in a word – transformation.New facilities have been installed, old ones revamped, and new head coaches are to be instated.At this...

Personal Adornment Day 2008: Reflection Revisited

This year marked Bloomsburg University’s fourth annual Personal Adornment Day and Makeup Extravaganza. The show is based around the idea of using materials in innovative ways to adorn the human body. Makeup is used...

Personal Adornment Day 2008: Winners

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