BU Now – Free Cookie Day 11/4 and 11/5

BU Now will be holding a free cookie day on campus outside of Kehr Union on Nov. 4 and 5 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day.

An Immigrant’s Perspective on the 2008 Election

Bloomsburg University student, Arthur Petrochenko, has strong feelings about who should win the 2008 presidential election. However, he cannot vote himself.

“In Direct Communication:” A Lesson in Unconventionality

Written by: Katie Goodling Keith Lynch is no stranger to independence. As a one man indie rock/pop band, Lynch recently released his fifth album, “In Direct Communication,” under the moniker Unknown Component. Hailing from Iowa, Lynch wrote...

Bloomsburg University Field Hockey Advances in PSAC Tournament

Story by Sports Information BLOOMSBURG— The Bloomsburg University field hockey advanced to the finals of the 2008 Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) championships with a 7-2 win over Shippensburg on Friday. The Huskies,...


Written by: Kyle Smith The day has finally come for the Bloomsburg Huskies to close out the 2008 regular season. Currently 9-0, the gang squares off against West Chester University for the 2008 homecoming game....

Centralia – A Ghost Town?

Polcovich, Timko, Maddox, McPeak, Shemonski, Hoskie, Wasil Fedock, Chudeovich, Zaluskex, Baroway, Oryniack, Kreptock, Ryan, Curran, Brennan, Callahan, Kane, Wyne, Lavelle, McGinlley, McDonnell, Conrey, Lagaz, McHale, O’Donnell, Bosche, Horan, Mumford, McCullion… Gravestones with Russian letters, Irish...

Get out the Vote–And Win a Pizza Party!

With the generous support of the faculty union APSCUF, and the tremendous help of Residence Life, I am very happy to announce that on November 4th--VOTING DAY--a contest will be held for each of...

Andruss Library: Haunted or Just Full of Really Big Books?

For some Bloomsburg University students Andruss Library is a frightening place.  Understandably so.  Four floors of thick tomes and dusty dictionaries is enough to give anyone the shivers.  Yellowing newspapers and stacks of unwatched...

While Huskies Head Forward, We Look Back

This weekend marks Bloomsburg’s 81st consecutive Homecoming celebration. The Bloomsburg Huskies are matched up against West Chester this Saturday with hopes of declaring their 10th win of the season. They are currently ranked #1 for the week of October 27th in the NCAA Super Regional 1. Before we even begin looking into the future though, take time to look back at the beginnings of the tradition that we all know as Homecoming.

Empire Falls – A Book Review

Empire Falls is also relatable to every person who reads it because outsourcing is at its center, and how many people know someone who has been negatively affected by such a practice? Read Empire Falls if you feel you’ve been screwed over by a place to which you’ve been loyal.