Election Slideshow

Bloomsburg students got deeply involved with their time and emotions in Election 2008.  Check out this slideshow for images of students on campus campaigning and voting for their favorite candidates, and to see what...

Barack Obama Wins Election

Tonight, Democratic candidate, Senator Barack Obama is officially elected President of the United States, surpassing the 270 required electoral votes. Obama receives the honor of becoming the country's first African American president. Senator Joe Biden will serve as the country's Vice President upon inauguration. In his concession speech, Senator John McCain congratulated Senator Obama, promising to work with him, and support him as "his president."

How Bloomsburg Voted

Kehr Union: Obama- 1,397 McCain- 611 Town Hall: Obama- 853 McCain- 465 Fire Station: Obama- 942 McCain- 652 Overall: Obama- 3,192 McCain- 1,728

Election Enthusiasm, Caught on Film

BU Now reporters took to the campus to capture some of the election energy on film.  There is no doubt that the majority of Bloomsburg students are overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, as most demonstrators...

Bombarded by Campaigners

The 2008 Presidential Election will go down in the history books as an amazing race. The cadidates are none like we have seen before and response from new voters has been amazing.

Obama’s the Man for This BU Voter

This morning Cheyonna Anderson, a senior here at Bloomsburg University, willingly woke up early to start her day.

Celebrating BU NOW’s 200TH Post!

November, 4th 2008 is certainly a historic day. Tonight all across the globe, the eyes of the world are on BU Now as the staff celebrates their 200th ever post. Over 400 hundred visitors have already joined the celebration. When reached for comment, editor Shannon Hoffman exclaimed, "I don't even know what to say right now, I am simply overwhelmed with emotion." Special events editor, Andrew Wakelee however, showed little enthusiasm about the accomplishment. "I want more," explained the resident Debby Downer. And more he shall get. Here is to another 200 fantastic posts in the near future!

The Anxious Voter

A fidgety man waits impatiently in the everlasting line to vote. The middle-aged, tall business man seems frustrated and it is as if he is losing patience with every passing minute.

James J. Rhoades’ seat: What will the future hold?

Instead of discussing Barack Obama or John McCain, I would like to pay respect to State Senator from Schuylkill County named James J. Rhoades.

Voting day is finally here!

  Americans have the privilege and responsibility to select the candidate who is best suited to help America recover during one of its lowest economic points. Voter turnout was expected to surpass records in several...