Joining the Club: College Ice Hockey Fans Rejoice

For nearly one hundred years American sports fans have seen four sports rise to the top as the most prominent. Like soccer in England or cricket in India, Americans have shown their pride and...

Black Friday Recap

The official start of the Christmas season is here and no matter what Ralphie tells you it isn’t the display in the store window. Oh sure, that display is up, but the real start...

Is exercise weighing you down?

Before the beginning of college, one of the stereotypical comments you hear is to beware of the “freshman fifteen.” And with the cafeteria being filled with yummy, grease-filled, home-style food, it isn’t hard to understand why.

“Lost and Found”

The College Freshman experience. The moment finally arrives. There they go, as they walk hesitantly away from their parents and jump into a new environment all on their own. Mom is no longer there to wake them up in the morning, and Dad is no longer there to be over-protective of them. It is all up to them.

Fair Or Unfair? You Decide

Twenty year old Steven Sverchek changed out of his dress pants and shirt and slipped into something a little more comfortable after a long day of driving and court. Yes court: the kind you attend if you’ve done something wrong, or have been accused of something wrong.

The Effects of Reality Television on our Society

It seems a little ridiculous that these days we enjoy watching people struggle and lead miserable lives on reality television. It used to be that we would watch sitcoms with happy families and there would always be a happy ending. We now watch reality families live real lives that never seem to end up positively. You have to ask yourself why do they keep doing these shows?

All I Want For Christmas Is To Keep My Job

Throughout the year, millions of Americans look forward to the heart-filled holiday known as Christmas. But as wallets and pocketbooks grow thinner, so do the jobs in our local area. Lauren Smith, a Bloomsburg University student, is facing losing her job just shortly after this Christmas season.

Is the True Meaning of Christmas Being Lost?

No matter what you believe or why you celebrate one thing has always been tied into this jolly season. This one thing can cause a plethora of emotions that could be good, or that could also be bad. This one thing that has appeared every holiday season is, a present.

To Study or Not To Study?

personally I have found that studying is not the hard part, it's the easiest actually. It is the motivation to actually start studying which I can never seem to find. So here are a few tips once you have actually decided to study and not surf the internet all day.

Wanted: The Next Samkon Gado

With the majority of fantasy football leagues either entering their final Sunday of regular season play or beginning their first round of playoff match ups, its time to look back on the best obscure free agent pickups of the past five seasons who rewarded their owners with outstanding fantasy performances