“I love it, I absolutely love it.” BU students get excited about voting in...

Most college students don’t even know what 9 a.m. looks like, let alone are awake and thinking about politics. Nicole Kelly, however, was already up and running by this time. She had made it to the polls and voted before many other students had heard their alarm clocks.

First Time Voter Supports McCain to Bring Change

Tara Fitzgerald eagerly waited for today so she could vote for Presidential Candidate John McCain. She looks forward to being an active member in her community as well as voicing her long awaited opinion.

Voting for a Change because…

The campus has been swarmed with campaigns for presidential candidates since the beginning of the semester. The campus has been swarmed with campaigns for presidential candidates since the beginning of the semester. With the end in sight, the Obama campaign has not given up.

How Other Colleges Face the Election

It seems like every single campus is plagued with the 2008 election. In a matter of hours all of the hype and anticipation will soon be over and students won’t have to be subject to the unknown of who will be the next president of the United States.

Ready for the Biggest Victory of All

Driving through Bloomsburg on November 4th may be a burden to some because there are cars everywhere and people are crossing the street at the most random of spots. But this is a good thing for the election volunteers at 22 East Main Street.

McCain Finds Support with a Local, Working Woman

John McCain is finding some support with prison guard and substitute teacher Holly Breisch. Choosing between Barack Obama and John McCain was hard for her because she feels that neither are good candidates.

Election Day Can’t Come Soon Enough

If you are beginning to feel bothered by the constant bombardment of the attention given to the candidates by the media, you are not alone. It is inescapable.

Election day is Finally Here

As you walk through campus, it is clear that today is Election day. There are four to five students on every corner of Bloomsburg dressed nicely, yelling out phrases such as, “Did you vote today?" Annoyed, many students answer that they already have.

Workin towards change…One step at a time

Kiana Payton and Jaedan Brown are all smiles days before Election DayThis election has been described as perhaps the most important and influential events in history and politics to date. Young people are expected...

The Economic Crisis: What Do You Think?

With the 2008 presidential election just around the corner, I took the time to focus on the one thing on many Americans' mind - the economy.  The candidates are senator, John McCain (R) from Arizona,...