Many young people start off on YouTube and they gain fans over time that really like the videos they post. Eventually, some of these YouTubers get noticed by people in higher positions, making them more famous than they ever thought they’d be. Some of these people include Bethany Mota, Grace Helbig, and even Justin Bieber.

According to Huffington Post, Bethany Mota “went from vlogging teen to multimillion- dollar brand.”

044e9744a56ea2144e129870e9add920“I started making videos six years ago, and I didn’t even know it was possible to do anything big with it,” Mota said. “I had no idea it could grow into what it has been.”

Mota has a huge YouTube channel, a clothing line at Aeropostal, and she has even been on “Dancing with the Stars.” She has recently invested in BeautyCon, hoping it will turn into a major brand.

Another YouTube star who become famous is Grace Helbig. She started off video blogging about five years ago. She makes five videos a week and has around one million subscribers.

Helbig has been offered book deals, feature length films, national commercials, and acting jobs. According to, she got her first big acting gig playing Idol on the Fine Brother’s critically acclaimed interactive web show, called MyMusic.

Helbig and her two best friends, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart, have brought their own comedy brand around the world. They will also be starring together in an upcoming long-length film called Camp Takota.tumblr_mqrmrvmwWK1s6frkjo1_500

Another star who also started on YouTube, and who is extremely well-known, is Justin Bieber. When Bieber was 12-years-old, he started posting videos on YouTube of him singing; he kept getting more and more views. Abc News  reported that Bieber was eventually founded by a manager, Scooter Braun, who flew him to Atlanta to meet Usher. Usher was in competition with Justin Timberlake to sign Bieber, but Usher obviously won.

justin-bieber-2013-3226-hdwallfan-jpgBieber now has 11 albums and 54 songs. There are two movies made about him: Never Say Never and Believe. And he has a bunch of ‘beliebers.” He made it far from just singing in videos on YouTube.

This goes to show that if you work hard at something you love, you’ll eventually be noticed and make it further than you ever would have imagined. It might be hard to get a lot of followers and it might take a long time, but if you are good at what you do, it’ll all be worth it in the end.