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Working for Pennies in College? Try Out GradeFund…

From time to time, we need a little incentive to do well in school.  What could be a better incentive than a little extra cash?

There are sponsors from all over the world who support college students through GradeFund.com.  Students receive payments that are dependent upon the grades they receieve.  For example, someone may give $5 per “A+” you receive, and so on.

All you need to do to receive these funds is hike to the Registrars office and fill a transcript request form.  Put it in an envelope, and send it to the address specified on the site.

GradeFund.com is a site I personally enjoy because of all these features.  I recently sent my transcript, but I noticed that I made $2.10 just by filling out my profile with my name, address, majors, and uploading a picture ($0.10 for that)!

I may edit this post later or comment on it to tell you my experiences with this site.  It looks to be a good one.  So when your parents or you think that you are “working for nothing” they all have been proven wrong!  GradeFund pays you to receive As, Bs, and sometimes even Cs.