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Why We Worship Yoga Pants

Fall has arrived and with it comes Pumpkin Spice Lattes, cozy sweaters, and a flood of ladies in yoga pants. They’re more comfortable than jeans, more versatile than sweatpants, and a lot more socially acceptable than pajamas. Although they can ride up and become a bit see through, they truly rule the pants family. It’s easy to see why they’re so glorious but if you’re still on the fence, read on to have your relationship with pants changed forever.tumblr_mzfj16onPU1qf4ywho1_r1_500

1. Junk in the Trunk

How often can you turn heads wearing something so comfortable? Even the flattest of asses will look like J Lo’s bootie in a pair of these.  Of course, the men will stare but more importantly, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off the mirror.


2. The Comfort Factor

You wake up the morning after a fantastic night out with friends. Alcohol was pouring, love was in the air, and food was most definitely being eaten. Who will be there for you in these most desperate of recovery times?  Jeans, meet the trash; only one pair of pants is needed anymore, thank you very much!

3. All Season Win

Leaves falling? Check. Snow? Check! Flowers Blossoming? CHECK! One of the best parts of Yoga Pants is the versatility that comes with them. No matter the season or climate, you can turn to your BPF (Best Pants Forever) to cover you up and keep you cozy.

4. Inexpensivedownload

Return those $60 jeans and pick up three pairs of these bad boys. Yes, three! The savings are apparent and the coziness clear. Why aren’t they  your entire wardrobe already?

5. Sleep

When you get home from a long day it’s time to turn to a pair of Yoga Pants. These lovelies are cozier than any man and have spent more than a few nights in my bed.

6. Working Out

They’re also pretty good for like, doing yoga…or something.


Whether you call them leggings or Yoga Pants, they are glorious and deserving of worship. They act as a push-up bra for our butts and are a hell of a lot more comfortable. Simply put, yoga pants win. No need to thank us for our glorious bums, we like them too.

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