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Why Vanessa Hudgens IS Coachella

Coachella kicked off this past weekend and social media exploded with reactions to all the outfits A-listers rocked. Each year, there is always one woman who makes the best dressed list. Her name has become synonymous with Coachella. In fact, if you google her name, the word Google predicts next is Coachella. I am speaking of the one and only Vanessa Hudgens, Queen of Coachella.

On day one of Coachella, Hudgens kept it cute and casual. She paired a black lace bralette with jean shorts, fringy ankle boots, and a flowy kimono which really gave the look an overall Coachella feel. Her makeup was simple and her accessories were things you could find at your local beauty supply store. What makes Hudgens the Queen of Coachella is the fact that her looks are gorgeous and obtainable unlike some celebrities who just get weird when it comes to Coachella outfits.

For example, Rihanna wore a diamond studded veil over her entire body to Coachella. Don’t get me wrong her outfit gave me life, but I would never want or be able to recreate it. Meanwhile, Hudgens’ look is obtainable to anyone with access to a Forever 21.

YouTube beauty Gurus fall into the same problem as Rihanna. This week, every beauty guru has super dramatic “Festival Inspired” makeup on their channel, and every look is ridiculously unobtainable. A general admission pass to Coachella is $400. After I shell that much money out, I’m not going to take another couple hundred out of the bank to buy 70 different eyeshadows that essentially look like the same color.

In my mind, Hudgens knows and understands the way I think. She wears a normal amount of makeup and cute clothes that aren’t crazily unrealistic. People can relate to her and live through her. She embodies the laid-back slay that is the essence of the festival. That is why Hudgens is the Queen of Coachella.



Kyla Smith-Brown

Entertainment Editor and Content Contributor | Journalism Major | Cookie Enthusiast