Grab your candy bags, costumes, and spooky stories, its Halloween weekend in Bloomsburg. With the holiday coming up, its not hard to notice the massive anticipation and madness of Halloween spreading through every student around campus. Its not hard to miss the chatter coming from most students about what costume they are going to wear or what party they are going to be at. With all the noise this holiday is causing around campus, it makes me wonder, why are college students so involved with a holiday that is largely celebrated by children?

Yong people making sinister faces

I think most people could take a good guess as to why most college kids celebrate the festivities, partying. As if going out and getting plastered with your friends wasn’t fun enough, now we get to wear funny costumes while doing it! I think this heavily appeals to so many people because it gives us a reason to wear a ridiculous outfit and act like a kid while getting hammered for a night or two. With all the pressure of our midterms and grades barring down on us it will be good to go out and live as the young clueless person we really are. I for one will for sure be participating in the affairs that take place this weekend, and cannot wait to see all of my other fellow peers who will joining in on the fun with me. Also, good tip if you’re still thinking about a costume, nothing with layers! It will be a thousand degrees in the basement party that you’re in with a hundred other people. Vice versa, for all the girls out there planning on wearing a tight, revealing costume… don’t be dumb, wear a coat, nobody has ever looked sexy with frost bite.

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If the party scene isn’t for you then find other fun things you enjoy doing that get you in the Halloween spirit. You could decorate your house/dorm or go see a scary movie with some friends(P.S. Halloween just came out and it’s really good). Whatever it is that you enjoy doing and that makes this holiday fun for you then do it. What ever you do this Halloweekend have fun with it and be safe, Happy Halloween!!

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