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Why Cosmo Calling the Kardashians “America’s First Family” is Spot-On

kardashiansCosmopolitan magazine is celebrating its 50th anniversary with its November issue and they’ve chosen none other than the Kardashian ladies to be on the cover. The whole family, including momager Kris, the three Kardashian sisters and both Jenner girls look stunning in the cover photo featuring their signature voluptuous waves, subtle smoky eyes, and white button-downs. What has people talking isn’t the glamour shot of E! Network’s starring ladies, but the caption Cosmo chose to go with the shot.

The cover reads, “America’s First Family,” which has received some major backlash on social media.





obamaMany people are shocked that Cosmo would be so disrespectful to President Obama and his family by calling the Kardashian family “America’s first family.” (You know The View had something to say about it.) They are just reality stars, far from the social status of the President, first lady, and their children.

But, are they really just reality stars? How the Kardashians made their claim to fame is certainly a sketchy story. But, calling them “just reality stars” really isn’t fair. Sure, they may have gotten their start because their Dad cleared the guilty OJ Simpson back in the day and Kim’s sex-tape was released for the world to see, but they’ve kept themselves hot for years. Yes, they are reality stars with a shady past, but that is not all they are at this point.

robkendallBetween all of the Kardashian children, they have a store, (Dash) several clothing lines, (even  Rob has a designer sock line: Arthur George) and  Kendall is one of the most successful models in the industry right now, walking in fashion shows for major designers like Marc Jacobs and acting as the spokesmodel for Estee Lauder cosmetics. Quite frankly, they’re killing it right now, and we are 100% accredited to their success.

As much as we claim to hate the Kardashian family and all they encompass, they continue to reign in the spotlight. Their reality show grows more and more popular with each season (along with their many spin-offs). We cannot log into our Facebook, Twitter, or any social media accounts without seeing at least one post involving one of the Kardashians, their significant others, or friends. We are feeding their popularity because, let’s face it… we all secretly want to be a Kardashian.

kylie appThey live awesome lives. They have private jets, the coolest cars (Khloe’s Range Rover is wrapped in velvet), the most amazing closets, and their Instagram pages are breaking records all the time. We say we never watch their show, but yet somehow manage to get caught watching it and have to use the excuse of, “Oh I was just flipping through the channels.” They are everywhere. Everyone knows who they are, what they’re wearing, who they’re dating—hell, we even know what they eat and drink (thank you Social media). Kim, Kylie, and Khloe all have apps, and we buy them!

kimandkhloeKylie’s lips were the talk of the summer, inspiring the super dangerous lips#KylieJennerLipChallenge. That hashtag alone goes to show how influential the Kardashian family is on our society and youth especially. They made curves and the big booty movement hot (Kim and Khloe, we’re talking to you).

They are asked to promote new products all the time, we see it on their Instagrams daily (hello waist trainer) because they sell! Not only to youth, but to everyone because they’re everywhere and at least one represents every age group and gender (transgendered included: ah-hem, Caitlyn).

selfiesHistorically, the first family has been the family Americans have wanted to follow. The Kennedys are still watched by the nation (most recently because Conor Kennedy was dating Taylor Swift). We all were intrigued to know how Obama’s family spent their first night in the White House (his daughters were surprised with the JoBros in their closet, NBD) and we all know the Obama family dog, Bo. While we still obsess over Michelle Obama’s fashion choices, and most recently her stance on how no boy is cute enough to affect a girl’s education (preach Michelle), we still obsess over the Kardashians (and their selfies) just as much, if not more.

khloeSo, maybe people should not be so quick to jump at Cosmo’s caption of the Kardashians being “America’s First Family,” and maybe we should look at ourselves objectively as a society. This is the world we live in. We’ve put them in the position to be compared to the Obamas. Cosmo didn’t call them that for no reason.

The Kardashians are ruling the nation, point-blank. Don’t like it? Find another family who is holding as much popularity and fame as they are right now. I dare you.

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