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Why are Joe Biden’s Dogs Anti-Cop?

Both Major and Commander Biden have joined the Washington Anti-Cop movement. Americans are accustomed to seeing these furry friends frolic on the White House lawn, recent developments suggest they might be more politically inclined than we ever imagined, they have taken to assaulting the boys in blue. Joe Biden’s two dogs have had a history of biting Secret Service Agents. Why are they against Cops? Are the Progressives behind these attacks? Probably.


The rationale behind each dog’s anti-cop stance is multifaceted and warrants further exploration. In the case of Major Biden, his presence during the George Floyd protests provides a potential reason for his disapproval of law enforcement. His firsthand experience and exposure to the outcry against police brutality could have influenced his stance, as he witnessed the public outcry demanding justice and equality. However, the case of Commander brings an interesting twist to the narrative. Born after the George Floyd protests, it becomes evident that external factors contribute to their shared disdain.

German Shepherds, like Major and Commander, are often forced by police forces to assist in various tasks. The lack of consent and voluntary participation in this role may contribute to their rebellion against a system that has directly harmed their fellow canine.

It is possible that both dogs are protesting the alarming number of police-involved dog deaths, which reaches a staggering 10,000 per year. This figure translates to approximately 25-30 dogs losing their lives every day due to encounters with law enforcement. The evident injustice and potential brutality inflicted upon their fellow canines might serve as a catalyst for their anti-cop stance.

In light of these factors, it is clear that the motivations behind Major and Commander’s aversion to law enforcement extend beyond mere coincidence or personal preference. Their protest carries the weight of empathy, collective experience, and a justifiable sense of outrage in the face of a system that has brought harm to their own kind.

Are the Progressives Behind It?

It is clear that the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Cori Bush have been influencing the Biden dogs to act against the Secret Service Agents. All have spoken out in favor of defunding police agencies across the nation. They have corrupted Biden’s dogs. Now they will want to corrupt your pets. The only difference is that your dog will not have the same protections as Major and Commander Biden. Just like Hunter Biden.

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