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For all of the people who enjoy a good drunken rant, this video series is for you.

Matt Bellassai, a BuzzFeed writer, created a series in which he drinks a big ol’ glass of wine at his desk and complains about everything from annoying couples to people on Instagram. He starts off every video with:

        Hey everyone, my name is Matt Bellasai and this is Whine About It. A weekly series where I get drunk at my desk and complain about stuff…” Phentermine Tablets http://buyphenterminetabs.com/

He then goes on to complaining about whatever that week’s topic is for a good five to six minutes. The YouTube series has become so popular on BuzzFeed that it was renewed for a season two. So, in preparation for the upcoming season, here are my top five favorite Whine about it videos and quotes from season one:

  1. The Worst Types of Roommates

Favorite Quote: “There’s that one roommate who thinks it’s okay to eat my food right out of the fridge, like I’m not even gonna notice. If you think for a second that I don’t count every stick of the sweet potato fries that are in the fridge, you’re out of your Goddamn mind.” Silagra for Erectile Dysfunction http://shattuckpharmacy.com/silagra.html

  1. Reasons Going Out Is the Worst

Favorite Quote: “You don’t need people to have fun. Just warm carbohydrates.”

  1. Types of College Students That Annoy Me

Favorite Quote: “Nothing special happens in the front row, I’ll get the same education as you sitting all the way back here. I can take my pants off back here, so who’s the real winner?”

  1. Reasons Why Parties Are the Worst

Favorite Quote: “You are not a better DJ for not playing Beyoncé.”

  1. The Worst Things About Fall

Favorite Quote: “Fall is like the bathroom at a Taco Bell. It’s gloomy, I feel wet for some reason and my boots are stuck in something that looks a little bit like swamp water. But, by all means. Cream your fucking jeans because you saw an orange leaf.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I will definitely be watching the upcoming season two because this my friends, makes my Wednesday go from a regular old Hump Day to a hilarious Whine Wednesday.



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