For all of the people who enjoy a good drunken rant, this video series is for you.

Matt Bellassai, a BuzzFeed writer, created a series in which he drinks a big ol’ glass of wine at his desk and complains about everything from annoying couples to people on Instagram. He starts off every video with:

        Hey everyone, my name is Matt Bellasai and this is Whine About It. A weekly series where I get drunk at my desk and complain about stuff…” Phentermine Tablets

He then goes on to complaining about whatever that week’s topic is for a good five to six minutes. The YouTube series has become so popular on BuzzFeed that it was renewed for a season two. So, in preparation for the upcoming season, here are my top five favorite Whine about it videos and quotes from season one:

  1. The Worst Types of Roommates

Favorite Quote: “There’s that one roommate who thinks it’s okay to eat my food right out of the fridge, like I’m not even gonna notice. If you think for a second that I don’t count every stick of the sweet potato fries that are in the fridge, you’re out of your Goddamn mind.” Silagra for Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Reasons Going Out Is the Worst

Favorite Quote: “You don’t need people to have fun. Just warm carbohydrates.”

  1. Types of College Students That Annoy Me

Favorite Quote: “Nothing special happens in the front row, I’ll get the same education as you sitting all the way back here. I can take my pants off back here, so who’s the real winner?”

  1. Reasons Why Parties Are the Worst

Favorite Quote: “You are not a better DJ for not playing Beyoncé.”

  1. The Worst Things About Fall

Favorite Quote: “Fall is like the bathroom at a Taco Bell. It’s gloomy, I feel wet for some reason and my boots are stuck in something that looks a little bit like swamp water. But, by all means. Cream your fucking jeans because you saw an orange leaf.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I will definitely be watching the upcoming season two because this my friends, makes my Wednesday go from a regular old Hump Day to a hilarious Whine Wednesday.