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Where Should I Go Tonight?

In Bloom we have four bars: GODS (Good Old Days), Capitol, Hess, and Hardware. Each bar has a different atmosphere for your night so here’s how to decide:


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GODS- For the people who want to sing along to karaoke with their friends

–      Different flavor wings (Tornado)

–      Karaoke

–      Dollar pitchers

–      Can just hangout with your friends

–      Gives you a free shot and t-shirt for your 21st birthday

–       $2 Singles $4 Doubles on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday


Capitol– When you’re not up for Hardware but still want to dance and talk to people

–      Beer pong competitions on Thursday for money

–      Can dance but still talk to people

–      Pinnacle Thursday’s $2 Singles $4 doubles

–      Has wings and other food
Hess– For the extremely chill people

–      Has Smooth Hammer (It’s a special shot if you don’t know)

–       Live music

–       Bud Light Draft specials

–        50 cent hotdogs


Hardware– When you want to hook up with someone and dance your ass off…..aka shit show

–      Has the Barber Chair

–      Stage

–      Dancing free for all

–      Fiddy cent beers on Wednesdays

–      $3 dolla pitchers on Thursday


So did you decide where you wanna go out tonight?


I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University studying journalism. I'm interested in fitness, celebrities, and beauty. In my spare time I teach a fitness class called jumping calories and I'm also in National Broadcast Society.