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Where My Best Friends At, Snapchat?!

Snapchat recently updated its app, but it may have downgraded in the eyes of many with one of the major changes that came along with the update. It eliminated the best friends list associated with each person’s individual account that anyone could view at any time. The best friends list was a list of the three people that a person had snapped the most over the last week or so. For some people, it is a huge weight lifted off their shoulders, for others this may not seem like a big deal, and for many it may be the end of the world as we knew it.

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If you are on the “it’s the end of the world” side of the spectrum, these are probably the thoughts you are having: How am I going to know who my boyfriend/girlfriend is snap chatting all the time?! Is the guy or girl you’re talking to snapping up anyone else other than you?!

While this may seem quite scary, before Snapchat, relationships seemed to work out without the help of the recent social media craze. Have a little faith in the person you’re dating or talking to and be glad you don’t have to creep on that list anymore. If anything, the best friends list on Snapchat caused way more drama within relationships than it needed to.

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This leads us to the other side of the spectrum. You may be thrilled to know that the best friends list will no longer be getting you in trouble anymore with your friends or significant other. The amount of fights the best friends list has caused in relationships is probably too many to count. Most of us have probably been in a similar situation or know of someone who has. We can now feel free to snap who we like, and the only person you will have to answer to is yourself and your own conscious. So don’t be sneaky, and don’t snap someone you wouldn’t have before the best friends list was taken down.

Regardless of how you are feeling about Snapchat ditching the best friends list, try not to worry about it too much because before you know it, it will be another thing of the past.

Snap responsibly 😉