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What’s Wrong with Kids These Days?

There are a lot of advantages of being a kid. You don’t have to worry about bills or other expenses, your parents provide you with what you need, and you get to just have fun. However, it seems today’s kids are a bit more spoiled than kids from past generations.

Many kids nowadays are so caught up in technology. There are six year olds with iPhones and iPads. I didn’t have a phone until around the age of 12 and it was only a flip phone that I used mostly for emergencies. I would play down the street and my outdoors_2180840bmom would just tell me to come home when the street lights came on or she would scream my name from the porch when dinner was done.

Kids are spoiled with technology to the point where they can’t be separated from it. Lauren McNelis, a senior Criminal Justice major at Bloomsburg University from my generation, agrees: “They don’t go outside to play anymore. When I was a kid, I would be outside all summer long running around with my friends, nowadays,” she continues, “kids sit inside playing video games or have their faces stuck in their phones.”

Not only are the kids of today scarily reliant on technology, but many children that I have come across are rude. They flip out when they don’t get their way and a lot of their parents just cave in to shut them up. It’s like there’s no discipline anymore. “Kids these days have no manners,” says McNelis, “They seem like they’re entitled to more. They don’t say please and thank you, or even hold the door for others.”

Another major problem with kids these days is that they are in a rush to grow up. When I was a kid I never wanted to grow up; I loved being a kid. Now, there are young girls dressing in short shorts and tube tops, wearing a bunch of makeup, trying to act older than they are. What’s the hurry? When you actually are older, you’re going to wish you were a kid again.

Kendell Elliot, another senior Criminal Justice major at BU, believes that kids these days are exposed to a lot of things 38d547f739db7c604355dd8917f28cfbthat could potentially harm them in the future like marijuana and alcohol. Elliot says, “For myself, I didn’t know what those things were, how they worked, or how they affected you until late in high school and even then I still wasn’t doing anything because I was afraid of the effects it would have on me.”

Children today need to appreciate the things they have and the time they get to just be a kid. Time slips away from you quickly and before you know it, you’re a grown up. You’re out on your own in the world with all of these responsibilities and expenses that you have to take care of all by yourself. So kids, relax, go play outside, and just enjoy the time you have while you’re still young.