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What Winter Storm Jonas Means in Bloomsburg

  1. The stairs suck more than usual.IMG_8530

We all dread Bloom’s uncanny number of stairs on the walk to classes, especially early in the a.m. Muttered curses fill the stairs after leg day, though we cannot deny silently thanking them for the extra leg and butt workout they provide. Storm Jonas has made the stairs not only suck, but actually dangerous. Students all over campus are gripping the railing for dear life in hopes of not falling. Many have already busted their butts on the stairs (hopefully, laughing it off!) Be safe everyone.

  1. Students are questioning their need for food.

While any of us would take Husky curly fries over ramen noodles or instant mac and cheese any day, Jonas is making us question that. Do you really need to eat today? Can you survive on the pretzels and peanut butter in your dorm? Is food worth the cold and risk of wiping out? That is for you to decide.

  1. Playing in the snowsledding

Nothing allows you to embrace your inner child more than a snow day. College kids are just big kids anyways. Start a snowball fight outside your building or make a snowman or some snow angels on the quad. Find one of our many hills and sled (garbage can lids work well). Have fun, but stay warm.

  1. Party clothes translate to a parka and boots.girls winter

While many of us take pride in Bloom’s reputation for their nightlife scene (Huskies know how to party), the cold is having an impact on this weekend’s festivities. Many are opting for a night in with their Netflix account rather than traveling to Fetterman. We can take the cold (we are used to it already), but is the party going to be worth trekking through the snow and potentially wiping out? If you are choosing to be a trooper tonight, don’t forget your jacket, gloves, hat, scarf, and boots! Wow, that sounds like a great party outfit.

  1. There is nothing wrong with staying in this Saturday night.

As mentioned above, Huskies know how to party. However, there is an opportunity to go out every weekend, so if wearing pounds of winter gear to walk somewhere does not intrigue you, have no fear! Embrace the opportunity to have a nice night in. Log into your Netflix account and watch a couple movies, or binge watch a new show. Invite some friends over and have a ‘Netflix and chill’ night. Nobody will judge you for staying in tonight in your pajamas and favorite blanket. I promise.

  1. Classes on Monday will go on.class snow

Make the most of your weekend and make sure to do your homework tomorrow night because there will probably still be classes on Monday. “But, there’s six inches of snow and I’m going to wipe out walking to class.” Don’t even try that excuse, because it will probably be met with snarky comments from professors such as “Leave early for class,” or “Dress warm.” We don’t want to do either of those things; instead, we want to stay in our warm beds. That would be nice, but don’t get your hopes up.

So, enjoy the snow while it lasts and stay warm. Be careful walking and driving.

Senior Secondary Education English Major | Creative Writing & Education Technology Minor | Co-Managing Editor for BUnow.com