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Six Exciting Things to Do This Spring Break

This spring break, there will be a lucky few who are jet setting to fun and fabulous places, but for many they are simply going on a stay-cation to home. Here is a list of things you can do over your stay-cation so it’s not so boring!

1. Saint Patrick’s Day Parade: Spring break starts just in time for the New York City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. Join the fun on March 16 on 5 avenue. Watch the parade, have fun and pretend to be Irish for the day! For more information, visit http://nycstpatricksparade.org/

2. Spring Cleaning: This is the perfect time for spring cleaning. Go through your closet and dressers and get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a longtime. Donate your collected clothes or bring them to a store like Plato’s Closet where you can earn a few extra dollars for those outgrown jeans or trendy tops that you no longer love and create room for those new deals you bought over break.

3. Sporting events: Spring break is the perfect time to catch a hockey or basketball game! . Look for affordable tickets for you and some friends and go cheer on the teams! . Try asking the box office if they give a student discount, and enjoy a boys or girls night out at a sporting event.

4. Finish a book: Finish that book you never got to because you have been swamped with school work, or start a new book. Check out the New York Times Best Sellers list for some ideas.

5. Visit friends: Spring break gives you an opportunity to visit your friends at their colleges. Getting to visit friends during the school can be very difficult so take this time off to adventure your friend’s college and spend time with them. Meet their friends, check out their school and simply enjoy the company of your friends. 

6. Relax: Lastly, relax. This is what spring break is all about. De-stress from all the school work and pressure. Sit back relax on the couch, catch up on missed television shows, or watch some movies. You can even sign up for Hulu’s free trial so you can watch a TV series from the first episode. Whatever you decide to do, relaxation is a must this spring break!