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What Ever Happened to Thanksgiving?

Autumn is such a wonderful time of year. Leaves change and the earth is absolutely beautiful. Fall fashion is in full swing, and the weather is fabulous.

October rolls around and everyone starts gearing up for Halloween. People plan parties, get out their costumes, carve jack-o-lanterns, and do all sorts of fall activities.
Then, Halloween is over and it’s finally time to celebrate Christmas!tumblr_nxbfl9ytgg1rhsaeko1_500

…Now hold on just a darn minute here… isn’t there a holiday that comes between Halloween and Christmas? I’m sure there is. I think it happens on a Thursday or something…


Since when did America forget about Thanksgiving? Every year we do the same thing. We go out on Halloween night and as soon as the clock strikes midnight, everything goes from “Thriller” and “Monster Mash” to “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.”halloween-to-christmas

I, for one, love Thanksgiving! It’s a time to eat some amazing food, spend time with your family, eat some more food, express how grateful you are for the things you have, and did I mention food?thanksgiving-2

Thanksgiving is certainly one of the most well-loved holidays in America. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been around since 1924. The NFL matchups on Thanksgiving have been a tradition for what seems like forever. There are so many reasons to look forward to Thanksgiving!

Halloween and Christmas are wonderful holidays, but why do we have to leave out poor, old Thanksgiving?

And don’t get me started on decorations. Department stores and super stores have Christmas decorations for sale before Halloween even ends! The sale of Christmas decorations seem to be getting earlier and earlier every year. Some people hate to love it, and others love to hate it.thanksgiving-3

I don’t hate Christmas and I’m certainly not the Grinch, but please, let’s get through the holidays in their natural order.




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