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What Being Basic is All About

Before diving into this it’s important to define what “basic” means. It comes from the term “basic bitch.” This term, just like “basic” itself, has many interpretations, so there’s only one thing do to get a definite answer of this cultural term, look it up on UrbanDictionary.com:

def of basic

This definition makes a couple of points about what it means to be basic, so let’s look at each individually:

First, according to this a basic bitch is, “One who has no personality; dull and irrelevant.” So if your entire existence on this earth means nothing, you would qualify as a basic bitch, congratulations.

Next on the list was, “Just an extra regular female.” Assuming the “female” it’s referring to is the stereotypical one we all have in our heads, this definition seems to say that if you do anything stereotypical of your gender you’re, therefore, extra regular. In other words, if you act in any way that reflects this stereotype you’re the “extra regular” example.



The three examples that follow the definitions are stereotypical and plain ridiculous because apparently it’s annoying when a female doesn’t “give up ass” so her man won’t leave, checks social media when and where she wants, or names her children after their father.

Though widely accepted, seeing as how it’s racked up 10,836 likes, this definition leaves some holes when trying to figure out what it truly means to be basic.

That being said, sometimes it’s difficult to define abstract ideas like “basic” so it’s more helpful to look at its characteristics. So, here are the characteristics of being basic presented in the most basic way possible:

Basic Outline


While some of these characteristics are admittedly funny, like wishing to be Kate Middleton, these are all stereotypes.

Like most stereotypes, these characteristics are used as sources of comedy. For example, this video by College Humor entitled “How to Tell if You’re a Basic Bitch”:

There’s even an informational article by the Phoenix New Times entitled “50 Signs You’re Dating a Basic Bitch” to save men from female basicness. Also, for ladies wondering just how basic they are, there’s a BuzzFeed quiz so you can finally find out.

Being “basic” is, to its core, a stereotype. No matter the definition or characteristics used to describe it; therefore, referring to someone as “basic” is profiling them.

Yes, people are subjected to stereotypes every day and this fact isn’t going to change any time soon. For the record, the purpose of this article isn’t meant to change an unjust world, it’s meant to draw attention to this recently popularized word.

So the next time a female offends you, know that you commenting on her stereotypical love of infinity scarves only makes you look bad.

Abbey Willcox is a secondary education and English major at Bloomsburg University with a minor in creative writing. She is currently the Opinion and Editorial editor. Abbey focuses on creating fun, interesting and informative articles while helping others shape their unique crafts.